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Anonymous: Can you please please please gif or make graphics or make anything for Petopher scene from last episode?

I actually disliked that scene very much, except for few seconds, but I’ll see what I can do. Knowing me, maybe even a mix comes out (with exams getting closer, the amount of time I spend listening to music is ridiculous, so…). 

No, but seriously now, I can’t promise gifs, not for sure, but I’ll definitely make some graphics. :))

Anonymous: What are some of your favorite songs? :)

newer: one, two, three, four
older: one, two, three, four 


it ain’t over, i’m not done - music for teen wolf episode Monstrous

"Cause it only takes a second to fall. I’m all bits and pieces, sinner and saint."

Anonymous: do you happen to know the name of the guy or have the link of the original picture of your hermes fanmix? i'd really like to know. thanks in advance!


I searched my favourites on flickr yesterday and I found most of the covers, but unfortunately not Hermes one. What I do know is that that photo is in favs of some of these artists, because that’s how I got to all of these photos. So here are all the other photos I used in greek mythology mixes. If you have time, try digging through their pages. If you don’t succeed, message me and I’ll try to look for it again when I finish my exams. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. :c

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  1. for your otp (or any ships you’re into at the moment)
  2. for a female character
  3. songs you’ve recently fallen in love with
  4. expressing a certain emotion
  5. for a tv show
  6. about a certain type of relationship (examples: a dysfunctional couple, best friends, mother and daughter, a mushy romance)
  7. for a male character
  8. songs you were obsessed with growing up
  9. for a movie
  10. something supernatural/mythological/fantasy-related (example: vampires, a greek god, dragons)
  11. for a fictional friendship
  12. songs that cheer you up
  13. for a book
  14. dedicated to a friend
  15. whatever you want! you decide!

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